Klose Lab News

Klose Lab Retreat 2015 – Niederau, Austria

The Klose lab has returned safely from another highly successful lab retreat. Based in the small Austrian village Niederau, the retreat proved to be stimulating scientifically and socially within the lab. When the lab wasn’t discussing science, we made the most of the fantastic weather and spent time enjoying the fantastic mountain scenery (and the ski slopes!).

Dr Angelika Feldmann joined the lab!

Angelika is joining us from Dirk Schubeler’s lab at the FMI, Basel. She will be focusing on the mechanisms by which different promoter classes coordinate their regulatory inputs in vertebrates.

Conferences – EMBO Transcription and Chromatin, and CSHL Epigenetics and Chromatin

Lab members attended two conferences recently.

Hamish attended the EMBO Transcription and Chromatin conference in Heidelberg, Germany, where he presented a poster.

Rob and Neil also attended the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Epigenetics and Chromatin conference in the US, where Rob presented the latest work from the lab on polycomb recruitment.

Dr Vincenzo di Cerbo joined the lab!

Vincenzo is joining us from Rob Schneider’s lab at the IGBMC, Strasbourg. He will be studying how Trithorax protein complexes regulate transcription in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Dr Emilia Dimitrova joined the lab!

Welcome to Dr Emilia Dimitrova who has joined our lab. Emilia completed her PhD at the Babraham Institute with Sarah Elderkin, and she joins our lab to work on the zinc-finger CxxC domain proteins.